Your Partner Towards a Successful Career

Dean Miller Entertainment understands that the music business is rapidly changing from time to time. Due to the technological advancements of today’s industry, the way consumers listen to music now is far different from how it was in the past. With our professional guidance and inside knowledge, keeping up with what is going on will be easy and stress-free.

Expert Consultation

More than just providing music and video production services, Dean Miller Entertainment also offers individualized consulting services. Through this, our professional advice and insights can help you make the best decisions in improving your career.

What We Offer

We can help you create a strategic plan that works best for you and your preference. Whether you are just beginning to understand the nature of your work or you are a seasoned professional wanting a competitive game plan, our team can help you out. A few of the topics that we will cover are the following:

  • Artist Development
  • Career Advice and Strategic Planning
  • Press Kits and EPKs (bios, fact sheets)
  • Publicity and Advertising Campaigns
  • Marketing and Business Plans
  • Touring Assistance
  • Distribution Solutions (digital and physical product)
  • Creative Direction and Guidance (recording process; song selection; photoshoots, web development)
  • Music Publishing Advice

Consult the Team Today

Dean Miller Entertainment can provide advice, open opportunities, and offer choices that can bring your career to a higher level. Please contact us today for more information about our monthly consulting plan.